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About Us:
Dalo Group Co. An Integrated Construction Group Companies Delivering Distinctive and Visionary projects, evolved from a locally focused firm into one of Iraq’s top independent companies. Dalo Co. offers international construction standards and high quality finishing. Since it’s establishment on the 24 of April, 2004, Dalo group has successfully created employment opportunities skills, delivered services, applied technology and constructed distinctive and sustainable developments.
At Dalo Co. we focused on building excellent for all our clients by delivering the highest quality project at the shortest amount of time possible. With an ability and expertise in providing complete construction service, Dalo Co. successfully works with its client from the earliest conceptual stage up to final touch for the project, of course depending on the requirement of the client.
The company aspires to world class fulfillment the everything it does, through it’s core competence in industrial design, delivering major projects and service primarily to the development of emerging economy and nation. Since it’s early Stages, Dalo Group established a strong bond group of trust with its client and the communities in which it builds….

Our Companies:
Dalo Construction Co.
Dalo for Interlock paver ,Curbs, Gutter production
Dalo Ready Mix and Concrete Barriers
Dalo BRC-Wire Mesh Factory
Dalo Turk Yapı Kimyasaları
Dalo Life Support Services
MP Dalo Plastic
Dalo International INC. (Virginia, USA)

  • Phone :00964 7701565728
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  • Address :Kirkuk / Almas – Tapa / in front of 1st. Huzairan club

  • Email :[email protected]