Dalo Construction Co.


DALO Construction Company

DALO Construction Company offers international construction standards and high-quality finishing. Since its establishment, the company has managed to work on countless projects in the construction sector.
The company’s main focus is to build excellent for all our clients by delivering the highest quality projects at the shortest amount of lime possible. With an ability and expertise in providing complete construction service, DALO Construction Company successfully works with its clients from the earliest conceptual stage up to final touches for the projects, of course depending on the requirements of the clients.
The company aspires to world-class fulfillment in every project, through its core competence in industrial design, delivering major projects and service primarily to the development of the economy and our country.

Dalo Group

  • Phone :00964 (0) 770 131  3975

  • Address :Kirkuk - Almas - Tapa / Infront of North Oil Company Stadium Co

  • Email :[email protected]