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DALO International INC

DALO Group companies continue to expand its reach and grow its network while also establishing a solid foundation throughout different regions in the world. DALO International INC co-operates with international companies that are based in Iraq to provide them with services and resources and maintain its excellence on an international level.

As Dalo Group we are increasing the client’s satisfaction and the quality of our services to manage our resources to administer our activities in line with our quality system and for further development. 

Our Company is based in Kirkuk; we are 100% Iraqi owned company founded at 1994 and a supporter of the Iraqi first program, we are classified at first-degree contractor according to Iraqi Coding Rates for Ministry of Planning in Baghdad.

We are dedicated to rebuilding Iraq by trying our best to help to develop the country and enhance the Iraqi economy. The technical level of our company will meet any western construction company and our performed works are meeting all standards of Iraqi Civil Specification (1993), Iraqi Standards and Specifications for Roads and Bridges, General Conditions of Ministry of Planning Iraq, and Mechanical Works and Technical Specifications of University of Baghdad

We work very hard to meet our prospective client’s needs and to develop a stronger economy for the region.  We are committed to satisfying our activities and to safeguarding the development in our country (Iraq).

We have a high ability to provide and achieve all types of constructional works in all around Iraq with our skilled team of construction managers, designers and engineers, quality Control managers and safety specialists, security personnel, administrative, information technologies personnel (ITP), and support specialists, with hiring and using of experienced Third Country Nations (TCN) and local national (LN) workers. 

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  • Address :D4601 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200, Arlington, Virginia 22203

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