• Dalo International INC. (Virginia, USA)

  • Dalo Turk Yapı Kimyasaları

  • Dalo Beharton and Curbistone Factory

  • MP Dalo Plastic

  • Dalo BRC-Wire Mesh Factory

  • Dalo Construction Co.

  • Dalo Ready Mix and Concrete Barriers

  • Dalo Life Support Services


Dalo Group Companies

Dalo Group consist of nine companies

DALO Group companies continue to expand its reach and grow its network while also establishing a solid foundation throughout different regions in t ...


  • Phone :00964 7701565728
    00964 7701552475

  • Address :Kirkuk / Almas – Tapa / in front of 1st. Huzairan club

  • Email :[email protected]